Greenway Friendly Bus Stop Fundraiser

Imagine standing at a bus stop on one of the busiest streets in the City of Detroit; no shelter or shade to keep away the August heat as cactus-like weeds scratch at your ankles. Imagine, nowhere to take refuge from a January wind chill, or a spring rain turning soil into mud.  That is what awaits you today at the southeast corner of Gratiot and Conner on Detroit’s Eastside.

The Detroit Eastside Community Collaborative (DECC) needs your help to transform this triangle into an inviting greenspace that provides a safe space for thousands of users, green infrastructure amenities to divert stormwater runoff, and a green connection north and south to the Conner Creek Greenway — a nine-mile bike and walking path.

DECC has partnered with the Greening of Detroit to reimagine this green triangle into a greenway friendly bus stop.  The makeover will include low maintenance landscaping such as, trees, flowering shrubs, buffalo juniper and switchgrass to create a calming atmosphere. Additional outdoor amenities include a new walkway, bench, and trash receptacle.  This new space is critical to providing access at Gratiot along Conner and connecting Conner Creek Greenway users and transit riders across the City and region.

DECC and the community have made great strides in making improvements to the Conner Creek Greenway but the Gratiot triangle has always been a challenge. This is an opportunity to really transform it into a place that can really link the Greenway, a place that can be special for not only the users of the greenway, but all the folks in the neighborhood who use this bus stop to connect to all the great places in the city.

Support us by making a donation at Patronicity. The fundraising campaign starts May 1, 2015 and ends June 26, 2015.